Whether preparing your business for succession or protecting your business partners, meeting with Vancea Financial Group to use our expertise and insight will help you maintain your business vision through difficult times.

You and your business are linked. You’ve dedicated a significant portion of your time and effort to it, you are passionate about it, and in many ways it defines your legacy. You should protect the future of your business as vigorously as you work on it today.

At Vancea Financial Group, our business protection experts focus on risk. What are the key risks to the long-term prosperity of the business? And what are the protection measures we can put in place to ensure its success?

Specifically, there are insurance products that can protect the business during buy/sell negotiations. There are benefits and pension options that protect key employees and business partners. There are tax management and investment strategies that protect against financial instability. The list of risk management solutions is long, but so is our list of credentials and areas of expertise.

Ultimately, you want a smooth transition. You want to be able to plan the transition of your business and you want to transition into a post-ownership lifestyle that is free of worry, especially when it comes to your financial freedom.

You’ve poured your heart and soul into the business up to this point. The next step is to pour your heart and soul into its future…and yours.

The first step is to start the conversation.

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