Whether your estate is large or small, let us help you make sure your beneficiaries are the biggest beneficiaries to your estate rather than the CRA.

You worked hard in your career and you managed to save your hard-earned money. When it comes time for your estate to be allocated, the people closest to you should be the ones to benefit from that effort, not the CRA. Most importantly, there are steps you can take to make sure YOU are the one that decides how your assets are distributed, because without careful consideration and proper attention, much of your estate can be lost to taxes.

With the help of a Vancea Financial Group Advisor, there are steps that you can take today to ensure the proper tax protection is in place now and during the handling of your estate assets. Ultimately, you want to do all you can to have your assets flow through to your loved ones tax-efficiently. We can show you how. We can even go so far as to show you what would happen under different estate planning scenarios so you can make the decisions that best suit your wishes.

Anyone who has been through this will tell you the best thing to do is to make these decisions now, with the help of someone who understands family protection products and tax sheltering strategies.

The first step is to start the conversation.

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