Protecting your family, managing debt, building wealth and reducing tax. These are the cornerstones of every great financial plan. We help you prioritize then implement your plan.

To plan is to make decisions about the best way to move forward, considering the factors and variables that influence your decision and create the best possible outcome.

In the context of your finances, creating your financial plan is no different. For too many people, ‘saving for the future’ is their only objective when it comes to financial planning. The decisions you make within your plan should be based on any number of factors and variables, especially those that are specific to your situation and goals.

Of course, maximizing your savings is a common and worthwhile goal. However, choosing which investment vehicles you put your savings into matters. What level of diversification is appropriate and comfortable for you? What is your risk tolerance? There are a multitude of factors to consider when planning your financial future, which your Vancea Financial Group Advisor can walk you through.

Our financial planning process doesn’t stop there. Other decisions unrelated to investment choices will play a role. For example, how much debt you carry, and whether or not that debt is tax-deductible, will have an impact on your financial future. As another example, the structure of your insurance portfolio may provide supplemental financial planning benefits depending on the type of coverage you select. If you have a business, tax reduction strategies, business continuation plans, insurance decisions and other factors are all included in your overall financial picture. There are numerous other factors that impact the structure of your financial plan, and your Vancea Financial Group Advisor can identify the ones that are worthwhile for you.

By coming this far, you’ve fulfilled your responsibility of seeking the best guidance and support as you make these important decisions and choices. Our role is to show you the options available to you, to identify the factors that will influence your plan, and to construct a plan that meets your financial objectives, mitigates risk, and maximizes your financial well-being.

The first step is to start the conversation.

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