Vancea Financial Group, we specialize in the development, implementation, and management of comprehensive financial plans for both individuals and businesses. Our financial planning strategy is about understanding financial risk beyond investment risk tolerance and implementing the strategies to manage it.

Most investors are familiar with the idea of risk tolerance as it relates to investment choices. Any financial planner can help you assess your risk tolerance and recommend products and services that fit your risk profile.

At Vancea Financial, we do more.

While we certainly take your investment risk tolerance into account, at Vancea Financial we believe that it only makes up a small portion of your overall risk profile. There are many personal and business risks that you face that go beyond risk tolerance and can have a large impact on your future financial security. We can help you understand and manage those risks, so that together we can build a portfolio that’s right for you.

Vancea Financial's Planning Strategies: Investment and Wealth Creation

There is no relationship without trust. Do you trust that your current financial advisor is taking into account all of the risk factors that may affect you? Why not get a second opinion and experience the Vancea Financial difference?

At Vancea Financial, we firmly believe in structuring wealth-building portfolios around all the risks that may affect your financial security, today and over the long term. With so many complicated investment fads on the market today it is imperative that you receive relevant, timely and accurate financial planning advice that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Through understanding the risks that may affect your financial security, Vancea’s financial advisors pride themselves on understanding the unique needs of clients so they can recommend products and services for each individual.

Ask Us About:

  • Wealth Management and Distribution
  • Investment and Tax-Reduction Planning
  • Debt Management and Elimination

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Personal Insurance Products: Protecting your Loved Ones

How will your family cope financially when you are no longer here to provide for them?

Whether your goal is to replace your income, pay off your debts, or set up a legacy plan, the experienced professionals at Vancea Financial will help you choose the personal insurance coverage that’s right for the needs of you and your loved ones. Each individual faces different personal and business risks, and that means that each individual’s insurance needs are different.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all insurance policies, but in creating an individualized insurance strategy for each client’s specific needs. Ask us about our comprehensive financial security plan and how it can be tailored to your personal insurance needs, based on the risks that you face today and tomorrow.

Ask Us About:

  • Individual Insurance Policies
  • Insurance Policies for Businesses
  • Family Insurance Policies
Living Benefits: Planning for the Unexpected

What is your most valuable asset? Your business? Your home? Any of your possessions? No! Your most valuable asset is YOU!

Imagine what would happen if you were seriously injured or struck with a critical illness that left you unable to work. Now imagine the impact on your dependents as they try to cope with the situation. Increased medical bills coupled with the loss of income could spell financial disaster for your family. The only thing worse than dying as a result of a disability or critical illness is surviving it and losing your financial independence.

Let the experienced professionals of Vancea Financial help protect you and your loved ones in the event of an unexpected accident or illness by introducing you to the products and services that can ease financial strain in the event of sudden income loss or unforeseen medical expenses.

Ask Us About:

  • Dignity of Choices
  • Speed and Quality of Treatment
  • Insurance Options
  • Income Replacement

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Retirement Planning Services: Helping You Reach Your Retirement Goals

What does your retirement dream look like?

What are the risks that may threaten your dream?

At Vancea Financial Group, we understand that retirement dreams are different for everyone. Once you have defined what your dream retirement looks like, we can help make that dream a reality.

Vancea’s financial's advisors can help you determine when you will be able to retire and how much income you need to live the retirement of your dreams. Our goal is to help clients identify the risks in their personal and business lives that may threaten their dream, and then help them manage those risks with a prudent financial strategy.

We help you make sense of the different types of pension plans and private retirement investing tools available and work with you to develop a retirement investing strategy that helps reduce risk while helping maximizing wealth to help make your retirement dreams come true.

Ask Us About:

  • Retirement Strategies
  • Retirement Income Options
  • Guaranteed Life Income

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Estate Planning: Providing for your Loved Ones for Years to Come

You have worked hard to build up your personal wealth, and would like to continue to provide for your loved ones after you’re gone. Don’t leave your financial legacy to chance.

Vancea’s financial advisors can help ensure that the people you have worked so hard to provide for continue to be cared for after your death. Through the provision of the appropriate wealth building and estate planning services, you can make sure the maximum amount of your wealth stays out of the hands of the tax man, and remains in the hands of your heirs.

You have worked hard to create wealth over your lifetime; learn how to help ensure more of your estate transfers to the ones you care for most.

Ask Us About:

  • Wealth Distribution
  • Tax Sheltering
  • Family Protection

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Financial Planning for Business: Safeguard Your Business Assets

At Vancea Financial Group we take your business needs personally, and we believe that protecting your business is just as important as growing it. Your business encompasses more than just your livelihood or your assets. It represents a successful mix of strategy, business acumen, and most importantly the right team members.

Vancea Group's financial advisors are focused on helping you assess the risks that your business faces, from losing clients, to outlasting recession, or implementing the optimal tax-reduction strategy to help maximize the amount of money that stays in the business. We focus on the big picture first, and then narrow down our strategy to help ensure no detail gets overlooked.

Allow Vancea Financial to help safeguard your assets through succession planning strategies with a focus on insurance and pension plans or through the creation of an investment strategy that will help protect your business in times of recession or stagnation. Let us show you how to help protect your business and its reputation for stability and growth.

Ask Us About:

  • Key Person Insurance
  • Tax-reduction Strategies
  • Partner Buyout
  • Business Overhead
  • Employee Recruitment and Retention

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